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Lutron Installation Dayton OhioControl the comfort and convenience of your home. Easily add function and ambiance to any room. Lutron controls are designed to install easily into your home. Simply replace existing switches with dimmers to update any room throughout your home, adding style, convenience and energy savings.

Personalize your new space with the latest in style, color, and functionality. Enhance your rooms with innovative lighting controls that meet the needs of each space. Make your home unique by controlling your lights with sleek keypads and accessories, add automated shades and drapes that coordinate and blend with your décor, and control them all at the touch of a button.

Never enter a house dark again by using the ease of a button in the visor of your car to light a path of lights to where you need to be. Worried about leaving lights on when you are leaving the house, no problem push that same button to turn every light off.

Worried about security, did you hear something in the middle of the night; push a tabletop keypad button to turn every light on in the house. This system integrates with countless security systems so that if the systems alarms the lights do whatever the homeowner wants them to do.

The same can be said about countless Hvac systems, have you ever gone on a vacation in the middle of the winter and turned down the thermostat. To come home to a cold house and wait for several hours for it to heat back to normal. Why not call up the Lutron iPhone to turn up that heat and suggest to the lights that you will be arriving home at six in the evening that you want your bedroom lights and a comfortable degree in the house.

Whether you are looking to reduce energy cost, increase lifestyle, increase comfort, or looking for a way to manage light controls Lutron has the flexibility to meet every need the customer needs but still offer energy savings.

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